The Headquarters Edit

The Headquarters is a building in the town, at the bottom right corner.

Tiering up Edit

Once you get very late game, you can start to get 12 special upgrades, which will help you quite a lot, and unlocks abilities that the labratory and temple cannot,such as the Insane difficulty.

Tier 1Edit

Unlocked by:

  • Defeating wave 300 on hard mode.
  • 10k blueprint points.
  • 20 researches done.

On the first tier you will unlock:

3 Ultimate upgrades:

  • Serious missile: "Chance to instantly kill a non-boss enemy" max - 5%
  • Vaporize: "Chance to instantly kill a non-boss enemy which attacks the tower" max - 10%
  • Purification: "Chance to turn an elemental enemy into a basic one (white" max - 15%

Insane difficulty (it's truly insane)

Headquarters upgrades that you can use your ultimate resource for which you gain from tiering up.

Ultimate converter which with you can also get ultimate points with.

Tier 2Edit

Unlocked by:

  • Defeating wave 1000 on hard mode.
  • 100k Blueprint points.
  • 40 researches done.

On the second tier you will unlock:

3 more Ultimate upgrades:

  • Division shield: "Divide the enemy damage with a certain number" max - inf
  • Super crit: "Chance to land a critical strike while while causing a critical strike."  max -25%
  • Warp defence: "Chance to warp an enemy away right before it attacks" max - 80%

The Ultimate point production line in the factory

Tier 3Edit

Unlocked by:

  • Defeating wave 500 on insane mode.
  • 500k Blueprint points.
  • 60 researches done.

On the third tier you will unlock:

3 Ultimate upgrades:

  • Decimation: "Chance to damage a boss by 10% of it's max health and stun for 0.5 sec" max - 20%
  • Purification aura: "Chance to turn an enemy into a basic one(white) every second" max - 10%
  • Major impact: "Chance to stun all enemies in a small area around the primary target" max - 10%

Challenge mode(endless)

Tier 4Edit

Unlocked by:

  • Defeating wave 1,500 on insane mode.
  • 1M blueprint points.
  • 80 researches done.

On the fourth tier you will unlock:

3 Ultimate upgrades:

  • Super nova: "Chance that a regular nova will be a super nova. (Deals 20% of an enemies max. hp as damage)"
  • Big bang: "Chance that a missile causes a huge explosion which damages all enemies in a 4m radius by 30% of their max. hitpoints." max - 5%
  • New bounds: "Slows down the wave-based health- and damage-increase of enemies."

Tier 5Edit

Unlocked by:

  • Defeating wave 10,000 on insane or complete 25 missions.
  • 15M Blueprint points.
  • 160 researches done.

On the fifth tier you will unlock:

  • Blueprint-Tiers
  • Start at a specific wave