"Harness the power of the elements by putting science into them."

The Laboratory is a building in town providing research upgrades. It accepts green cubes (valued at 1000 orange cubes) or gems. Gems are required for the first level of each research type, but further upgrades require green cubes. 


(alpha v0.4.0)

Most first-level research takes 5 real-time minutes (and will continue offline). Investing gems will increase the research speed. 


  • Damage: Increases base damage by 5% (multiplicative). 
  • Hitpoints: Increases base hitpoints by 5% (multiplicative).
  • Interest Limit: Increases the maximum amount of interest you can receive by a factor of 10 (multiplicative)
  • Attack Modes: Unlocks different target filters for the tower
  • Wave Compression


  • Rapid Fire: Unlocks 'Rapid Fire' offensive upgrades, a chance to temporarily double attack speed
  • Bouncing Missiles: Unlocks 'Bouncing Missiles' offensive upgrades, which gives projectiles a chance to bounce to another enemy.
  • Multishot: Unlocks 'Multishot' offensive upgrades, which makes the tower have a chance to fire multiple projectiles at a time.
  • Lifesteal: Unlocks 'Lifesteal', which makes you heal according to the damage you do.
  • Gravity


  • Block
  • Absorption
  • Reflection
  • Nova
  • Aura radius


This includes both offensive and defensive upgrades. 

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Electricity
  • Darkness
  • Nature
  • Universal Tech
  • Piercing


  • Gambling
  • Interest
  • Gem Collection